Sarah Ward


The Conversation: Diving into the Past

On demand: In this special BBC conversation, two maritime archaeologists, Australia’s Sarah Ward and Thailand’s Jo Sankaprasit, talk to Kim Chakanetsa, about their love of history, the thrill of discovery and the dangerous reality of diving.

Friday with Friends: Silk Route Shipwrecks

Considering China’s Silk Route shipwrecks,  in this public event organised by Friends of the Museum, Sarah explored the history and development of the Maritime Silk Route and the networks that facilitated it.

The 8th Forum on the History and Heritage of Technology in China

The 8th Forum on the History and Heritage of Technology in China aims to facilitate interaction between different disciplines and fields, and make further contributions to our understanding of the history heritage of technology in China and related areas.

As Sarah’s focus is on ship history and heritage, she will present her research on the effect of Ming Dynasty maritime policy on the Chinese shipbuilding tradition.

The Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage

The Asia-Pacific Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage (APConf) aims to address management and protection strategies of underwater cultural heritage in Asia and the countries of the Indian and Pacific Oceans in the 21st Century, facilitate regional cooperation through the development of academic, non-governmental organisations (NGO) and governmental networks in the Asia-Pacific region, and provide a forum for discussion of technical and ethical issues related to underwater cultural heritage and underwater archaeology.

Sarah is presenting a talk entitled “Sino-Cambodian Connections: the archaeology of maritime exchange in the Koh Sdech archipelago” and co-convening two sessions, the first on the Maritime Archaeology of Trade and Exchange in East Asia (Session 6), and the second on Asia Pacific Studies in Maritime Ethno-archaeology (Session 14).

The 7th International Congress on Underwater Archaeology

The 7th International Congress on Underwater Archaeology (IKUWA7) focuses on delivering information and interpretations of the underwater cultural heritage or remains, which are strongly linked to living and working along lakes, rivers and seas. The aim is to share the experience of this heritage to the general public and to the research community.

Sarah is presenting a paper talk entitled “Sino-Korean Connections: archaeoceramics of trade and exchange in the Yellow (East) Sea ” and is chairing the “Maritime Trade and the Stream of Goods” session.